SRS Forms

Below are links to official forms utilized by Sponsored Research Services (SRS). These do not represent all forms required by a respective system member for the management of research contracts and grants. Please note, information contained on these forms will change periodically; to ensure you have the correct version, always refer to our website rather than save the form to your computer.

For assistance with other forms not maintained by SRS, you may follow the appropriate links here or contact your Project Administrator for help.


Account Access/Change Form
Sponsor Request Form
Researcher Guide

Contracts and Grants:

Proposal Preparation
A-21 Budget Justification
Subrecipient Commitment Form
Proposal Approval Process
Institutional Information by TAMUS Member

Contract Negotiation
Incoming Material Transfer Agreement Form
Interim Funding Request
Nondisclosure Agreement

Project Administration
Delegation of Authority
Independent Contractor Invoice
Independent Contractor Status Certification
Interim Funding Request

NIH Salary Cap Calculator 
Payroll Cost Transfer 90-Day Counter
Payroll Cost Transfer Request Justification

Business Services:

Accounts Payable
Business Meals-Food-Refreshments Documentation
Cost Transfer Request Justification
FAQ’s for Payment to Human Subjects and Survey Participants
Human Subjects Payment Log
IRS form W-9
IRS form W-8BEN (Individuals)
IRS form W-8BEN-E (Entities)
Payment Certification Form
Reimbursement Request
Research Participation Payment Request

Cash Management
Deposit Transmittal Form


Purchase Order Requisition
Sole Source and/or Proprietary Justification
Vendor Survey Information

Direct Deposit Form
Fly America Act Exceptions Form
Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Form
Lost Receipt Form 
Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Exemption 
Travel Advance Form
Travel Expense Form