The budget that you develop should be based on the work that your proposal will require. Here are several things to keep in mind when developing a budget:

  • For the best outcome, send all proposals to SRS two weeks before submission.
  • Indirect costs must be requested from the sponsor – rates can be found here.
  • There are minimums for what you can pay graduate students – refer to your Proposal Administrator to find out what your department minimum is.
  • Most system members require that you have effort on a budget – if no effort is requested and the sponsor allows us to request salary, then a waiver will need to be filled out.
  • If you intend on having a subcontract with another institution, alert us so that we can get what is needed from them.

“Cost sharing” is defined as the portion of the total costs of a sponsored agreement paid by a respective A&M System member instead of the sponsor. Cost sharing represents a reallocation of system member resources to support externally sponsored research. Terms that may be used to describe cost sharing include “Matching Contributions,” “Third-Party Contributions,” and “In-Kind Contributions.” Cost sharing may originate either as a condition of the award or voluntarily from the system member or principal investigator. The SRS Cost Share Compliance Team monitors and tracks cost sharing transactions for the awards administered by SRS.

Faculty & StaffStudents
Fringe Rate: 19.7%Fringe Rate: 10.7%
(FICA Exempt 3.0%)
Insurance: $1,033Insurance: $564

Q: How are fringe rates used in our calculations?

A: We take the persons salary in each budget period and multiply by the appropriate fringe rate. More information can be found on our budget development page.