Sponsored Research Services (SRS) will be holding a series of informational sessions designed to help those wanting to obtain their Certified Research Administrator (CRA) certification.  The CRA certification is offered by the Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC).    One of the requirements to obtain the certification is to pass the 200 question CRA exam.   The next exam period is in May 2024.

To help those preparing for the exam, SRS provides sessions that review the RACC body of knowledge. These weekly sessions will begin on Tuesday, January 30th and run through April 30th, 2024.   The times will be Tuesday from Noon to 1:15pm and will be via Zoom.  To find out more about the CRA go to the RACC website at https://www.cra-cert.org/.  A useful source of information is the Candidate Handbook 2024 and the Body of Knowledge both available from the website.

Note there is no requirement that you sign up for the exam to attend the sessions.  If you are interested in attending the sessions, please email me directly at dhollingsworth@tamu.edu.

2024 Spring Training Schedule