SRS manages pre-award and post-award functions of sponsored research for all members of The Texas A&M University System under the guidelines of TAMUS Policy 15.04 Sponsored Research Services.

The role of contract negotiators is to protect the interests of The Texas A&M System while considering the risk or impact of proposed agreement terms on the researcher, students, System Member, and sub-recipients. Contract negotiators:

  • Review and negotiate the terms and conditions of agreements to ensure compliance with applicable Texas A&M System policies and applicable local, state and federal regulations;
  • Review and address any exceptions included in the Request for Applications at the time of proposal preparation; and
  • When necessary, negotiators engage the Office of General CounselTexas A&M Technology CommercializationRisk Management, and System Member offices to seek approval on agreement terms.
  • Track agreements through to full execution.

The principal investigator (PI) is primarily responsible for the management of the project. Therefore, it is critical that the PI reviews and understands the terms and conditions of the particular award.

Please contact your Contract Negotiator at Texas A&M University Sponsored Research Services for further assistance. If you receive a sponsored research agreement please forward it to SRS at the following awards@tamu.edu.

Helpful Reminder: Don’t sign the agreement! There is a delegation for signature authority for all agreements and contracts. Individuals not specifically delegated to sign specific types of contracts are not authorized to sign on behalf any A&M System Member.

How can we partner together to complete negotiations in a timely fashion?

The following are a list of items that will be required to complete negotiations:

  • Proposal: A Contract Negotiator (CN) will verify a proposal has been routed and has been approved. If one has not then it will be prepared and routed at negotiations.
  • Terms & Conditions (T&C): A CN will negotiate T&C if they do not adhere to System Policy. Non-standard T&C may require PI and Member approval.
  • Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI): Verify FCOI has not changed since the proposal was submitted.
  • Security Compliance: If specific security requirements are part of the agreement. CN will notify the designated security officer for that system.
  • Animal, Human and Biohazards Compliance: If applicable an IACUC, IRB or IBC may be needed.
  • Export Control Determination Form (ECD): For TEES and TAMU a ECD form will be needed to be completed if there are non-standard conditions with publications, exports, and intellectual property. This form will be sent to the TEES and TAMU compliance office for review and approval.

Interim Funding

Interim funding is financing provided by a principal investigator’s respective Texas A&M System Member and/or department for expenses incurred before the fully executed award document has been received from the sponsor. Interim funding may also be required, when necessary, to bridge time before the next year of funding is received. Interim funding guidelines varies by System Member, please contact your project administrator to determine if interim funding is allowed.