Steps for Successful Proposal Submission

Access to Maestro is Required

Maestro is an enterprise-wide system that supports researchers and research administration across The Texas A&M University System where researchers can review their proposals and accounts once awarded. You can also add research keywords to your personal profile, search for colleagues with a specific area of interest, search for funding opportunities, or begin a new proposal. To access Maestro, click here.

In order to initiate a proposal, you will need to contact your proposal administrator as soon as you are aware of the submission and provide the following information:

  • Sponsor name
  • Proposal guidelines and due date of submission
  • Proposal title
  • Project start and end dates

Once the proposal has been logged in, you will be assigned a proposal number and receive an automated email from Maestro tasking you to complete the compliance and reporting code screens.

Proposal Routing and Approvals

Before your proposal is submitted to the sponsor, the final budget, cost-sharing documentation, and draft text will be submitted through Maestro for electronic approval. Your proposal must receive all administrative approvals prior to final submission.

Preparing the Proposal for Submission

Your proposal administrator can assist you with completing sponsor-required forms and prepare your proposal for submission to the sponsor. Given sufficient time, they will review the sponsor’s guidelines and help to make sure your proposal is in compliance so it is accepted by the sponsor.

Copy of Submitted Proposal

Once your proposal is submitted, a copy of the final submission will be uploaded into Maestro for your reference.