The Award and Account Set-up and Expediting Team (AASET) establishes sponsored project accounts and collaborates with researchers to ensure compliance with sponsor and The Texas A&M University System requirements during the establishment of the award. 

Most funding agreements will come directly to SRS in response to a proposal prepared and submitted by SRS, on behalf of principal investigators (PIs). AASET logs the award into Maestro and determines if the award should be routed to Contract Negotiation for review and/or acceptance or if it is ready to proceed for award and account establishment.

In the case that a funding agreement is not sent directly to SRS by the sponsor, the agreement should be forwarded to

Once an award has been accepted by SRS, on behalf of the system member, AASET sets up an account in FAMIS and links the financial account and proposal record to the project record in Maestro. Proposals are linked to the project record to maintain a consistent record of the statement of work and researchers involved in the project. Funds are loaded to the FAMIS financial account and spending restrictions, if applicable, are noted on the project record in Maestro.

As part of award and account establishment, AASET ensures compliance requirements are cleared prior to releasing the established project to Post Award, such as a routed and approved proposal, Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) for all investigators, and approved protocols for compliance items.

The Post Award project administrator (see My Contact) is your point of contact for the life of the award. All award documents and requirements are accessible to the PI(s), the department/unit, and SRS personnel in the Maestro project record.