Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services mission, as leaders in research administration, is to serve as experts in the field while delivering efficient and superior service to members of the Texas A&M System research community.

  • Exhibit leadership in research administration
  • Collaborate to develop consistent and efficient procedures
  • Engage in training and professional development
  • Minimize the administrative burden of the research process
  • Deliver outstanding customer service to our members
  • Improve communication throughout the research community
  • Promote and maintain transparency to our members in order to foster excellent  working relationships
  • Maximize the benefits of technology

University/Agency-Specific Forms

All Texas A&M System universities, agencies, and campuses maintain distinct practices and processes for the submission of research proposals and the management of research contracts and grants–all of which must be followed by principal investigators and staff. System-member specific forms–which do not replace any necessary SRS forms–may be found at the relevant research administration office at the university or agency connected with a contract or grant:

Texas A&M University System Members Served