The SRS Accounts Receivable team is responsible for the submission of invoices for fixed-price, fixed-rate, and cost-reimbursable sponsored research projects. The sponsor award document dictates the type and frequency of invoicing.

SRS also monitors and tracks outstanding invoices, issues Past Due Notices (as appropriate), and contacts the sponsors concerning unpaid invoices.

Electronic Drawdown of Federal Funds

Under the terms of certain awards with some federal agencies, SRS can draw down funds using the applicable electronic systems. SRS can process a drawdown of funds once an award is in place, an account has been created, the work has commenced, and expenditures have been incurred. The following guidelines apply:

  • Drawdowns are done only by authorized SRS staff.
  • Funds are not drawn down in advance of actual expenditures (unless directed by the sponsoring agency).
  • Drawdowns occur as close as possible to the actual expenditure of funds.
  • The amount drawn down should not exceed the actual expenditures.
  • Individual terms and conditions of agencies or specific awards will be followed as directed.

Financial Reports

SRS is responsible for the submission and reporting of financial information that is in accordance with the requirements and frequency specified by the sponsor. The financial information reported will be obtained from the official accounting system of the respective A&M System members. (FAMIS)