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Is it a Gift or Grant?

A grant is typically given by an organization for a particular purpose. A specific performance is requested by the grantor and if conditions are not met the grant may be terminated. A grant will usually require a reporting mechanism to disseminate the research results. Grants usually have a specific period of performance and unexpended funds shall be returned to the grantor. A grant will be managed by Texas A&M University Sponsored Research Services.

A gift is provided by a donor and no obligations to return the unspent funds is required. A gift does not impose contractual obligations and the donor may not require the sharing of data results. The donor relinquishes all right to the gifted funds and is sometime referred to as “unrestricted cash gift.” Gifts are managed by Texas A&M Foundation.

For additional information:

TAMUS 21.05 Gifts, Donations, Grants and Endowments