Proposal FAQ


Q: What is IDC?

A: IDC is Indirect Costs (also known as F&A) that are expenses are real costs of University operations that are not readily assignable to a particular project. Indirect cost rates are determined by the Federal government under the Uniform Guidance.

Q: What is the first step?

A: Contact SRS. However you are comfortable: e-mail, phone, stop by our office; just be in contact. Tell us your idea. You may be surprised what we can do for you and how exciting writing a grant can be.

Q: I’ve never gotten a grant before and/or I don’t have a lot of experience. Is this going to hurt my chances?

A: It depends on many factors. There are numerous grant competitions that are focused on new professionals and young faculty, and SRS can help guide you to these. In addition, there are many competitions that are looking for new people with new ideas. The best predictor is the merit of your proposal.

Q: How is the location of a sponsored research project determined to be “on campus” vs. “off campus”?

Sponsored research projects are considered “on campus” if they reside in any building or on any property owned by the University and the majority of project effort is expended at that site, no matter the location. Such projects must apply the “on campus” F&A rate to their budget and expenditures.


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