Steps for successful proposal submission:

  1. Access to Maestro is Required
    Maestro is an enterprise-wide system that supports researchers and research administration across the A&M System where researchers can review their proposals and accounts once awarded. You can also add research keywords to your personal profile, search for colleagues with a specific area of interest, search for funding opportunities, or begin a new proposal. Login with your UIN and Single Sign-on password at
  2. Contact your Proposal Administrator
    SRS provides comprehensive proposal support services. You can either begin a proposal in the Maestro system or contact your proposal administrator who will begin the proposal for you in Maestro. Search for your assigned proposal administrator by using the SRS interactive “Who Do I Contact?” tool. The sooner you contact your administrator, the better! Three weeks or more prior to the sponsor’s deadline is preferred.
  3. Budget Development
    Your proposal administrator will review the sponsor’s guidelines and assist you with the preparation of a proposal budget. The proposal administrator will also review your proposal according to A&M System policies. They will verify the salaries and fringe benefits of current A&M System employees and assist you with estimates for to-be-named employees. They will ensure that the appropriate A&M System facilities and administrative rates are budgeted for the project. They will also incorporate subawardees’ budgets into your budget, provided that the subawardee submits the required budget and documentation in advance of proposal submission lead times. Proposal administrators will also assist you in revising your budget, if required, by the sponsor, prior to award.
  4. Proposal Routing and Approvals
    Before your proposal is submitted to the sponsor, the final budget, cost-sharing documentation, and draft text will be submitted through Maestro for electronic approval. You will be asked to approve–as will your department head–your dean, and system member representative (e.g., director or vice president for research). This step is required by System policy prior to proposal submission. Click here for screen shots showing how to approve a proposal in Maestro. Although proposals are routed for signature with draft text, the routing process generally takes at least 5 days.
  5. Preparing the Proposal for Submission
    Your proposal administrator can assist you with completing sponsor-required forms and prepare your proposal for submission to the sponsor. They can assist you with formatting your proposal and submitting it to the sponsor. Given sufficient time, they will review the sponsor’s guidelines and help to make sure your proposal is in compliance so it is accepted by the sponsor.
  6. Copy of Submitted Proposal
    Once your proposal is submitted, a copy of the final submission will be uploaded into Maestro for your future reference.