Material Transfer Agreement

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) are needed when material (biological samples, chemical compounds, animals, etc.) are going to be transferred between a researcher at an A&M System member and another entity outside the A&M System, such as a research institution or company. MTAs indicate the specific material that will be transferred and the conditions required for use of the material by the recipient.

MTAs are used for material that is going to be received by a PI (incoming MTAs) and also for material that is going to be sent from an A&M System member by a PI to another institution (outgoing MTAs).

Sponsored Research Services (SRS) will negotiate MTAs if they are received as part of the research project agreement; otherwise, it will be negotiated by the PIs system member.

Incoming MTA — A PI who requests an MTA to receive material from another institution should forward to SRS any MTAs sent from the material provider for proper review. Our contract negotiators will review the MTA for any risk issues and ensure compliance with A&M System policies. Before SRS can finalize the MTA, PIs must complete and secure all relevant compliance approvals (e.g., if the material is biohazardous, of human origin, or involves animals).

Incoming Material Transfer Agreement Form (DOCX)

Outgoing MTA — A researcher who would like to send material to an outside institution or company should send a request to the A&M System Office of Technology Commercialization for review and processing. Requests for outgoing MTAs should be sent to: