Funding Agreement

Most funding agreements will come directly to Sponsored Research Services (SRS) in response to a proposal prepared and submitted by SRS on behalf of principal investigators (PIs). Once received, the agreement is entered into Maestro and assigned to a negotiator for review. A SRS negotiator will work with PIs and the respective A&M System member(s) to confirm the agreement is acceptable prior to the agreement being signed by the authorized representative.

An account will be established by a SRS project administrator after any necessary changes to the agreement are finalized, the document is fully-executed, and all required compliance approvals are received.

Working with sponsors prior to a proposal submission

Once a funding opportunity is identified, your SRS contract negotiator can assist and participate in discussions regarding contractual issues. If a sponsor provides a proposed agreement, it should be forwarded to SRS for review.

SRS proposal administrators will also provide assistance at this stage with budgets and approvals from the relevant A&M System members for any proposed scope of work. Commitments and budget amounts for proposed work should not be proffered to sponsors prior to a proposal being routed and approved by the appropriate A&M System member(s).

Interim Funding

In some instances, prior to an agreement being fully-executed, an interim funding account may be established so that work can be initiated. Please contact your SRS contract negotiator to determine if an interim funding account is an option based on the parameters established by your respective system member. View the Interim Funding Request Form.