Proposal Preparation and Submission

Sponsored Research Services (SRS) provides researchers across The Texas A&M University System with assistance and resources for:

For a successful proposal, start early!

With the tremendous time and effort investigators invest in preparing research proposals, it is vital that the proposals have the maximum opportunity of being reviewed and funded.  It is best if you contact your proposal administrator at least three weeks prior to your sponsor’s deadline.

To help ensure our staff has proper time to assist you SRS has established required proposal submission lead times with the goal of submitting the most competitive research proposals possible.

  • Initial notification to SRS of intent to submit a proposal is a minimum of 4 business days prior to the sponsor submission deadline.
  • Receipt of the proposal, in its complete and finalized form that is ready for submission, is due to SRS by 3:00 pm, 2 business days prior to the sponsor submission deadline. If the proposal must be mailed, please allow for additional days prior to the sponsor submission deadline for it to be received on time.

Adherence to the proposal submission lead times will allow SRS time to review the sponsor’s requirements and complete the proposal submission, while also allowing time to conduct a thorough quality check of the proposal against the sponsor requirements. Submitting by the SRS lead times will also provide the opportunity for SRS to submit the proposal early and to hopefully overcome potential problems encountered during the electronic submission process (power outage, internet availability issues, etc.) that could lead to a proposal missing the sponsor deadline.

Under no circumstances does SRS wish to discourage proposal submissions.  Occasionally, circumstances beyond your control may not allow SRS lead times to be met. Best efforts will be made to complete the proposal submission process and provide full quality check services to late proposals when time and staff availability allows; however, late proposals will not receive priority over proposals complying with the required lead times.

Steps for successful proposal submission through our office and Proposal Approval

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