Project Setup

Project Setup


The project administration team establishes sponsored project accounts and works with the researchers throughout the life of the award to manage and ensure compliance with sponsor and The Texas A&M University System requirements.

Most funding agreements will come directly to SRS in response to a proposal prepared and submitted by SRS on behalf of principal investigators (PIs). Funding agreements should be forwarded to in order for them to be logged into the current system for tracking or into Maestro for routing and review. Once a document has been accepted by SRS on behalf of an agency, the award processing team will set up an account in FAMIS and create a record in Maestro.

Awards will be linked to a proposal to maintain a consistent record of the statement of work and the researchers involved.

Your project administrator (see My Contact) will complete the account setup by entering the budget and any spending restrictions. The completed package will be scanned into Maestro, where it will be accessible to the PI(s), the department/unit, and SRS personnel.


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