Project Administration

After a sponsored research award has been issued by a funding body and all terms and conditions have been agreed upon by all parties involved, SRS project administrators ensure that the requisites are followed. Our project administration team provides financial management services to The Texas A&M University System research community and serves as a liaison to the funding organization.

Services Provided

The project administration team establishes and monitors sponsored project award accounts and provides:

  • a summary of award regulations and requirements for each account to the researcher and departmental administrators
  • expenditure monitoring to ensure allowability and compliance with federal regulations, agency specific requirements, and state and A&M System policies and procedures
  • assistance in interpretation of grant agreements, contract terms, and regulations for awards
  • assistance in making necessary changes to various financial aspects of a project including cost transfers, budget interpretation, revision, and support
  • assistance with requests for funding organization’s prior approvals, with requesting no-cost extensions, and with transfer and/or closure of awards
  • audit responses and support.

SRS project administrators also interpret The Texas A&M University System policies regarding sponsored research administration and furnish administrative support for the project and its personnel.