Contract Negotiation and Acceptance

SRS is responsible for administering various contracts related to sponsored activity on behalf of members of The Texas A&M System. Agreements require careful review to protect the interests of the researcher, system member, and A&M System office. An SRS contract negotiator will review the terms and conditions of agreements for non-standard conditions and negotiate any necessary changes. To confirm agreements are acceptable, SRS contract negotiators also consult, as needed, with the A&M System’s General Counsel, Texas A&M Technology Commercialization, and the appropriate A&M System member’s administration.

Helpful Reminder: Don’t sign the agreement!
There is a delegation for signature authority for all agreements and contracts. Individuals not specifically delegated to sign specific types of contracts are not authorized to sign on behalf any A&M System member. If in doubt, let’s check it out together!

Identify your assigned contract negotiator by using the interactive “Who Do I Contact?” section at the bottom of this page.

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